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Microsoft SATV

Microsoft SATVs are provided by Microsoft to the qualified Microsoft software licensing subscription holders. These electronic vouchers distributed by the Microsoft carries a value as applicable to the type and volume of Microsoft licensing programs. In brief, SATV entitles your organization to avail free Microsoft Certification at your premises or at any of the participating Learning Partner location across the globe. And if you want to get these vouchers ,visit now only at Highly ranked & Highly Recognized Mercury Solutions 'cause of the benefits given below:- 1. Microsoft Learning Partner Silver learning We are the Authorized Learning Partners and assure you that your training goals are met. 2. World-class learning environment We provide the best and conducive learning environment with fully equipped infrastructure. 3. End-to-end learning solutions We deliver peerless quality trainings validated by the learning partners and bridge the skill gap. So visit now at Mercury Solutions and for any other query,you can contact us with below given means:- URL: Website: Email: , Contact No: +91-8882233777 ,Whatsapp-+91-7827389494

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