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We understand how big of an investment your business is to you. How much time and money you have invested into your business. At Tk Consultancy it our goal to work with you as part of a one big family to allow your business or startup to flourish. It is our goal to give our 100 percent to provide our clients with the best possible opportunities to not only meet but exceed their target goals. To help our clients in achieving their goals we diligently study the market and keep up to date with all the different trends of the market. We do this to help our clients be the very first to take advantage of any gaps that may appear in the market. Our aim is to help our clients be able to maximize their sales and profits. We deal in all aspects of business be it branding, marketing, IT or business growth and acceleration. You must be wondering what makes us different/stand out from all the other companies and why you should choose us? The answer to that question is simply 2 things. First is whereas other companies only work on what they feel is the outcome. We at Tk consultancy make sure to allow our client to have their say in things as in the end the business is supposed to be their brain child and should have their direction whereas we only help to assist to get them to their goal. Second is our experience of more than 15 years in this field helping many new businesses becoming success stories over the years. The services we offer include: • Branding Solutions: Be that direct or indirect branding. We provide the best designers and strategists to help you find the ideal image that you are looking for. • Marketing Solutions: We diligently study the market and keep updated with the all the changing trends to allow you to have the best advantages in the ever-changing market. • Business IT Solutions: Everything you can need from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Software Solutions and anything else you may need. • Business Acceleration Solutions: We understand how difficult it can be to grow a business after once starting it. We offer various services to help you match you to customers and meet the right people and create the right links to grow more awareness and steadily grow your business. Allow us at Tk consultancy, to use our vast expertise and 15 years of experience to help work with you and turn your business into a success story. Contact us at: Call Center: +97142306046 TK Consultancy Business Village, Block B, Suite 425 Clock Tower Roundabout, Dubai, UAE

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